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About Us Section 3

Custom care from Foot Balance Technology

When you choose Foot Balance Technology, you choose custom care at its best.

  • Our team get to know you – your health history, your lifestyle and your concerns.
  • We design, manufacture and fit custom made orthopaedic shoes and orthoses or modify shoes to suit your individual needs and requests from your referring health care team.
  • We also recommend and supply prefabricated medical grade, orthotic friendly shoes.
  • We use evidence-based clinical methods and highly accurate barefoot and in-shoe plantar pressure measurements and analysis systems.
  • Our use of 3D scans and computer-aided design and manufacture systems gives accurate information and improved results.
  • We work with your health fund to provide rebates for eligible clients.
  • Our team advise you on how to prevent footwear related falls and give you tips for life-long foot care.
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